Eco brands group


These are our brands providing eco friendly products to a variety of markets.


The world’s most sustainable outdoor and cycling gear. Made from upcycled gear like bike tubes, tents, ropes and wet suits. These unique bags and accessories get a second life putting those durable materials to good use and out for another adventure.


The world’s most stylish and fashionable eco-friendly lifestyle accessories. Made from high quality upcycled materials in the USA and distributed through boutiques, gift stores and museum shops.


The world’s most sustainable and unique custom products brand. Project examples include upcycling your old vinyl banners or other durtable materials it into cool bags and accessories. If you don’t have materials to upcycle, unique upcycled and recycled materials can be sourced to suit your needs. Clients include Patagonia, Aveda, Greenpeace, AT&T, TD Bank and New Belgium Brewing.

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