Eco Brands Group (EBG) started in 2015 with leaders in the upcycled products market. With the EBG family of brands, there is over 35 combined years of award winning eco-friendly product development, marketing and distribution.

Charted as a B-Corp, EBG has established rigorous measures to assure the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit is taken into account. With award winning brands like Green Guru Gear, Alchemy Goods and Ecologic Designs, EBG has products in a variety of marketplaces. Collectively the brand’s products and the production remove and divert thousands of pounds of materials from the landfill per year. These waterials that would have otherwise never broken down in the landfill or worse yet went to incineration, were “upcycled” or re-purposed into raw materials for the production of consumer products. This aspect of production creates some of the the most sustainable products available.

Beyond the “green” manufacturing model, EBG has sustainability in its blood and core operating principals. This is evident through many aspects of the organization from smart sustainable design to energy and material reduction manufacturing to efficient and resourceful fulfillment. Lean management systems are also in place with passionate people behind them. This all makes EBG one of the most sustainable and solution oriented businesses in the world. We hope this becomes more and more of a trend as we all know that “business as usual” is not working.